Wood watches with their quality and trendy appearance match your style. Swiss mechanism and sapphire crystal glass increase the quality of Svenn wood watches. In comparison with traditional wrist watches, wood watches are lighter four times. Moreover thank to its natural material it never discomforts you. During daily life wearing these watches are really comfortable and pleased.

Yes, you can customize by writing a special note. In this way, you can give a unforgettable gift to your beloved one. You may use your own handwriting to design the best.

SVENN wood watches are 3 ATM water resistant and our company provides warranty under this scope. Do not forget that wood is a natural material and normally it is in durable against water and humidity. But, thank to heat treatment process which is applied to our wooden watches during production; splashing does not cause any deformation. Wood watches should be protected as much as possible against water, but off course you could wash your hands like you wish or you could use it during rainy days. Please do not use your watch under conditions which can cause exposing excessive water & humidity like swimming and taking shower.

You could wear it for years if you ensure a usage as it is explained in warranty scope. According to evaluation of our site acceptance tests and customer feedback's, we are totally confident about durability of our watches.

During your shop, you could inform us about your wrist size. We could adjust the size of your watch as you wish and send it prepared.

It is quite easy. Pull the protective plastic part under the crown, adjust the time and push the crown. That is it. You can start to use your watch.

All our SVENN wood watches have globally known Swiss mechanism RONDA. There is no doubt that Swiss mechanisms are most reliable watch mechanisms in the world.

Svenn wood watches are made of 100% natural wooden material and chemical materials are not used on wooden surfaces. During production, none of allergic (especially nickel) material is used.

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